Air Purification


What We Offer

We manufacture revolutionary products that set the standards in our industry. Our focus is to create the world’s best Air Purification products to make your life and business better. As leaders in Air Filtration, Purafil has the knowledge and know-how to design viable solutions. We are using this expertise to create Antimicrobial, Multi-Stage Filtration Systems that capture and destroy Viruses and Bacteria on contact.

Corrosion Control

We help you save your critical electronic equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion caused by gaseous contaminants in the air.

Indoor Air Quality / Energy Conservation

Breathe. Life depends on it. Take a revolutionary product and pair it with an energy-saving program to improve your environment and nurture your world.

Microbial Filtration

We don’t just make the best air purifiers; we have revolutionized the technology inside. Our filters remove dust and other particles, odors, as well as target bacteria, and viruses from the air around you.