Surface Coating


What We Offer

Green Glory Technologies partnered with various multinational companies to provide comprehensive Surface Coating (Spray Paintings) Solutions to meet the needs of various industries ranging from Automotive, Construction and Farm Equipment’s, Wood Finishing, Aerospace, Glass Coating and General Industries.

Sames Kremlin Products

SAMES KREMLIN, France offers complete and innovative solutions for Surface Coating (Painting) Application and High Viscosity Fluid Handling.

SATA Automotive Spray Guns

The future of air atomising paint application
Regardless of which technology you choose – you can be sure with SATA spray guns.

Masking Tapes And Di-Cuts

Masking tapes, discs, and die-cuts are extremely effective when masking a flat surface and with adhesive can be pre-cut into the desired shape.

Paint Filters

We offer a remarkable extensive range of paint filtration products to support any application for the paint industry. These products through their innovative construction and reliable performance, add value to almost every paint filtration process.