Are you looking for the top best paint spray guns for your surface coating application??

Spray painting is the most important process in automotive manufacturing, Furniture manufacturing, rolling stock manufacturing, and windmill manufacturing but there are many spray painting equipment available in the market. Here we have picked the topmost spray painting equipment’s which gives you the premium finish and saving tons of money and time when compared with other spray painting equipment.

In this blog post, we have covered the topmost spray painting equipment based on our customer reviews after their usage. Read the blog post completely and choose your spray painting equipment based on your application and needs.

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Best Paint Spray Guns for Surface Coating applications

#1 Sames kremlin’s – XCITE™ AIRMIX® MANUAL SPRAY GUN


Sames Kremlin introduced airmix technology in 1975 which is an intermediate spray technology that combines the finish quality of airspray with the productivity of airless paint sprayers. Airmix spraying technology gives you a superior finish and increases your productivity.

Sames kremlin’s – Xcite™ Airmix® sprays guns is one of the amazing paint spray guns comes with the Airmix spray technology it is a manual spray gun that delivers outstanding performance with unsurpassed finish quality for a quick payback. The major advantage of this paint spray gun is its lightweight which is 579 grams.

This spray gun comes with HVLP technology which ensures the highest transfer efficiency up to 86% that minimizing the paint wastage increase in productivity, and also preserving the environment.

Pressure Ranges: 120, 200 & 400 bar

Transfer Efficiency: 86%

Weight: 579 Grams

Industries Served: Woodworking Industry, Transportation Industry, And Metal Fabrication Industry.

#2 Sames kremlin’s – FPRO Airspray Manual Spray Gun conventional, HVLP and LVLP

Fpro Airspray manual spray gun works on an Airspray technology that offers a strong atomization power. It has a patent-pending paint vortex that enhances the airspray technology also gives a superior finish to the metal surfaces. 

These FPRO spray guns are perfectly balanced that provides a superior finish for all painters, these spray guns are widely used in various industries like automotive, agricultural, construction, transport, and wood.

The patent-pending vortex spin effect delivers perfect atomization with very high transfer efficiency up to 78% in HVLP.

Pressure Ranges: Up to 6 bar

Transfer Efficiency: 78%

Weight: 480 (16.9) g (oz)

Industries Served: Automotive Industry, Woodworking Industry, Windmill Industry, Transportation Industry, and Metal Fabrication Industry.

#3 Sames Kremlin’s – SFLOW 275 & 470 Manual Airless Paint Sprayer


Sames Kremlin – SFLOW manual airless paint spray guns is an airless paint sprayer used for applying protective coatings. This SFlow paint sprayer comes in two variants of pressure 275 and 470 bar that have high transfer efficiency of 81% with good atomization quality.

This gun delivers real product savings for the industrial application its ergonomic design offers better flexibility to painters in extreme conditions and ideal for handling high solid content paints and zinc primers.

It has a high-end tungsten carbide tip that gives reliable and repeatable spraying quality also comes with enhanced security like trigger lock, tip lock, and safety protection. It has been sold worldwide in the industry and contractors that improve a lot the finishing quality          

Materials like Primer water-based, anti-corrosion water-based, enamel water-based, metallic water-based can be done.

Pressure Ranges: 275 and 470 bar

Transfer Efficiency: 81%

Weight: 597 (21) g (oz)

Industries Served: Anti-corrosive Coating, Transportation Industry, Windmill Industry, and Metal Fabrication Industry.

#4 Sames Kremlin’s – Nanogun Airspray Low-Pressure Manual Electrostatic Gun

The only manual electrostatic low-pressure spray gun having the lightweight for the comfort of the operators it is specially designed for spraying liquid solvent-based material at low pressure in many markets. Its lightweight and its ergonomic design make it the best choice for the operators to improve their comfort.

It has high transfer efficiency for unrivaled paint savings that has optimum coverage for outstanding finishing application. These electrostatic paint spray guns produce paint savings and wrap-around effects which reduce overspray and pollution.

The Nanogun Airspray, low pressure manual electrostatic gun, is suitable for many markets, such as aerospace, agricultural & construction, metallic furniture, wood, and automotive industries.

Spray Technology:  Low Pressure and AIRMIX

Transfer Efficiency: 91%

Weight: 488 (17)g (oz)

Industries Served: Automotive Industry, Woodworking Industry, Transportation Industry, and Metal Fabrication Industry

#5 Sames Kremlin’s – Fstart Paint Spray Gun


Fstart Paint Spray Gun is the right choice for spraying low to medium viscosity materials at an entry-level price. These Fstart guns are the results of 95 years of experience in airspray technology that comes with a comfortable and ergonomic design and is one of the lightest guns in its class. It is one of the cheapest best paint spray guns in the market

These Fstart spary guns come in three types


FSTART P PRESSURE AIRSPRAY SPRAY GUN – These Fstart P spray guns make it easy and cost-effective to apply water-based or solvent-based coatings. HVLP and Conventional sprayers are available to meet the needs of small to large finishing shops.

FSTART S SUCTION AIR SPRAY SPRAY GUN – The FStart S suction-fed conventional spray gun is the right solution for hard-to atomize coatings at an entry-level price. It comes with a Reusable aluminum cup with a simplified locking system.

FSTART G GRAVITY AIRSPRAY SPRAY GUN – It’s a Multi-purpose entry price level spray gun, the FStart G is easy to use and guarantees a high-quality finish. The FStart G spray guns can be used by both beginners and experienced professionals giving a desired high-quality finish. It comes with the Reusable Plastic Cup.

Feed Types: Suction Feed, Gravity Feed, Pressure Feed

Industries Served: Wood Finishing, Automotive industry, and General Industry

These were the top paint spray guns used in the industries for various paint applications. I hope this list of the Finest paint spray guns was helpful. If you think I have missed out one that is important or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comment below.

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